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by Kung Foo Preacher

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With the 2012 self-titled release, Kung Foo Preacher attempts to mix various genres of music into a compelling collection of melodic metal. The album is dark and aggressive, intellectual and artistic, and powerfully modern. The album mixes traditional 6th note rock/metal with neoclassical touches and haunting lyrics. The band has been a mainstay in the Dallas music arena for the last several years, playing most every musical venue in the DFW and surrounding areas. Their live performances are fun, dramatic, and energetic. This year they will be performing to support their latest self-titled release with a revamped stageshow. Their album will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and every other place where music is sold.


released June 1, 2012

Produced by Ben Power
Performed by:
Ben Power - Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
Noel Contreras - Guitar, Backing Vocals
Carlos Contreras - Bass Guitar
John Covington - Drums



all rights reserved


Kung Foo Preacher Dallas, Texas

Kung Foo Preacher's newest album. A space opera of modern rock.

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Track Name: Oh ye of Little Faith
My father his father
Got caught red handed
Playing the vengeful right hand of God

They passed it down from the kingdom of sin
I got to ride for the rest of my life
On the heels of a man in mask in the night

Oh now I see that I'm slipping down again
Oh now I never sold my soul
To anybody quite like you
Now I know at night it’s true

The nights are cold since God has gone away
The nights behold your God has gone away
And now your God has gone
Oh ye of little faith
And God has eroded inside
He has abandoned you

Oh my I think I might douse faith in gasoline
I have never been one with God

I made a deity inside of myself
I have the keys to the land of the dead
I put it down and I'm burning a line in the night

Now I know the sacrifice
Now I see it in your eyes
Now I never sold my soul
Track Name: Haunted
I hear these distant voices whispering at night
I see these darkened shadows dancing on the walls
I feel as cold as death there’s no where left to hide

I start to turn around the moments feel like years
I see the darkness shifting slowly coming near
Its start to pass right through me
God I want to die

Now that you’re haunted wanted
Feel darkened waves of depression, possession
You’ll rue the day

Awakened cold and damp my head is thick and dull
Rooms slowly comes to view I cannot make things out
And then I see this phantom hulking black as night

I’ve seen your lust for knowledge grown throughout the years
You’ve felt compelled to seek me now that time has come
I shall devour all your body mind and soul

You’ll rue the day that you found me, resound me
Now that you offed and deployed it, enjoy it
You’ll rue the
Day that you met me you can’t turn away
Now that you’ve gone and you’ve destroyed the day
You’ll see
Life is a compromise
Now that you’ve gone and ripped out your eyes
You’ll see

And through the darkness I see the light
Shrouded black as night
For he has come to deliver what I have been searching for my entire life

He’s left me disembodied floating through the night
I see myself I’m laughing as I walk away
And now I’m left here timeless
God what have I done
Track Name: Beast of Revelations
Life is a game, life is the same
Life is a sound that you hear when no one seems to be around
We cannot answer we cannot fall
Oh Beast of Revelations roll us in your maw

We vow to fascination of paradise
Ten heads you son of Satan shine in the moonlight
We cannot fathom our father’s eyes
Oh Beast of Revelations cut us down to size

This cannot be

Well I feel the tribulation, I feel it now
I hear the disembodied spirit tell me how
He said my anger is but a ruse
Oh Beast of Revelations I appeal to you

This cannot be
Like a beast on the edge of the night
Let the blood flow down
This is hell with no end in sight
Place the body bag down

I feel the weight has lifted, I feel ashamed
I’ve peeled the cancer from me that has made me lame
And when I throw it to the unknown
Oh Beast of Revelations beckon to your home
Track Name: The Disease
Call the doctor cause I know the disease is in my head
Call the priest before you know that the beast is in your head
Father tell me who am I
Judging people by and by
Father tell me where to go
When all my thoughts are blurry and all I feel is fury
Father tell me where to go

Call the doctor cause I know that I’ve been touched
By a hand that was mine, by a hand that old as time
Call the priest before you know that I’ve been wronged
By a man without a name, by a man whose hung in shame
Why don’t you see

Father tell us what to do, when our world has gone askew
Father tell us where to go
When our sky is falling down, raining fire onto the ground
Can’t you hear us calling with our hands up to sky
Up past space and satellite, up past faith and blinding light
Can’t you hear us calling now

Should we live our whole life
Binded down and paralyzed
Should we live our whole life
Binded down and patronized

Can’t you hear us calling now
Track Name: Spark of Darkness
A mother dies and a child remains
A wicked smile and the man he make the grade
It’s over fast and the deed is done
The die is cast and it comes up losing warlike snake eyes
Fire away
Now I’m by myself
And I won’t go away
I think I’m someone else, but no one else would play

My world is fire and the fire it burn
Atrocities to the point of no return
So hammer back and the barrel lifts
The bullet flies and the matter shifts to wall side freeze frame
Fire away

Now I’m on my own
I’m dreaming of the day
The day I can go home, but homes so far
Away from here
Now I never knew that I would fade away, little darling

Now I trade my kingdom for a gun
Track Name: Blood Gone Crazy
You build this sanctuary
Behind these broken walls
You build this sanctuary now

Now where’s your sanctuary
When all the castles fall
Now where’s your sanctuary now

Don’t want to talk about it
Don’t want to fight
Don’t want to hear from you
Don’t want to riff about it
Who’s wrong or right
Just take these words I tell you and plunge them deep inside

And when your blood goes crazy
You can’t go back
Its in your gene pool baby
So swim on back

You hide in walls of paper
To protect from the claw
Hiding you’ll never take control

Now where’s your caged canary
When all the gases fall
Now where’s your caged canary now

You take my heart for granted
I’ll take your soul
I’ll leave you where you ‘re stranded
So take these words I tell you and plunge them deep inside

I cannot see past all your insecurities
I will not be ten feet from all this type of life

I cannot even tell you
How much I hate this place
I cannot even tell you
How much I hate your face
Now it’s time
Tear your castle down
Track Name: Disdain
I bow for nothing otherwise
I stand for nothing but an empty compromise
I see no purpose to your strife
It adds no meaning to your weakened type of life

You fill me with disdain
So I bring you fucking metal back
You take my life in vain
So I bring you fucking metal back

To a time when we were young
I told you things I would not tell anyone
And now you’ve left me in this cage
And now my anger it intensifies with age

I have refined it to an edge
Infused with apathy from all encompassed sledge
And now I wield it with resolve
I must erase you if I wish you to evolve

Now I finally see behind the pain and sorrow
Lies the fallen rain
Now I finally know what waits for me tomorrow
Intensifies the pain
I finally found you let me keep you for the night in hell
Track Name: Bastion of Decay
Into this ocean you place your pride
To see it drown with emotional tide
And it sinks and you taste
The bitter bile from emotional waste

You’re a bastion of decay
Now that you can no longer remain
A beacon of the light
Born to death sentenced to life

You made a monster, I made it bleed,
You filled its wounds with emotional need
I make it suffer, You make it fall
Now we collapse under weight of it all

You’re a bastion of decay
Now that you can no longer remain
A bastard of the night
Born to death sentenced to life

And you can try to save me
And you can try to take me home
And you can try to change me
And you can try to take my absence of faith in my life

But now that you’re gone
Now that you’re gone away

You’re a bastion of decay
Breeding life for time to take away
A bastard of the night
Born to death sentenced to life
Track Name: Wait for the Sign
Soft politician
Rework diplomacy
An inquisition
Wait for the sign

Whats your position
On foreign policy
An abomination
Wait for the sign

Moon is full
Sea is red
Drenched with blood
Eye to the sky
Reigning hell from above

Your television
Is your complacency
An opposition
Wait for the sign

I cannot face you
Your mangled majesty
I must erase you
Wait for the sign

And when you have nothing
But sorrow and pain
I pick up your pieced and rise again
Wait for the sign

You left us with nothing
But fire and steel
And we took this rubble
And built a God

A God of destruction
A God of despair
And when I’m in heaven
All your children will burn